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A static web page is an inexpensive and affordable design. The designing process involved with a static web page is quite straightforward as compared to a dynamic page.

A static web page is not only cost effective it also is the easiest way to provide a platform to exhibit the products of your company online. If you posses a product line that is standard a static web page is best possible solution. Static web pages are user friendly and easy to browse.

Artnutzz specializes in designing a static page after constant interaction with our client, clearly perceiving their requirements, scrutinizing with our team on what the clients prerequisites are and then designing a suitable layout which gives the essential solution,

Artnutzz group of expert professionals work tirelessly round the clock to help you create an exclusive web page for you. This service is a part of the numerous web services that we are ready to offer. Artnutzz ensures that your static web page will carry in it only the essentials, thus making it affordable. We also check on the compatibility of your web page with all important web browsers.

A web site naturally translates the image of your company and we spare no effort on improvising the look and feel after several rounds of discussions with the client.

The success of your business these days is dictated by the efficient design of your website. When you are talking about globalization and reaching customers worldwide sitting in one corner of the world the internet is the effective tool that we have in our hands. Designing your website in a very pleasing and an attractive manner including in it all the nuances of your business has become the order of the day. The image of your company gets a total makeover with an effectively designed website. We at Artnutzz can give you adequate information on whether a static web designed page or a dynamic website will suit your line of business.
Dynamic websites are need of the hour today. It goes by the name dynamic because the pages are so designed they change dynamically. They have the flexibility to adapt to the change in the content given. If the information stored on the database changes the web page also changes automatically. Dynamic sites are a great platform for image galleries, online calendars or e-commerce etc. The advantage of a dynamic website are innumerable, to list a few,

  • Large sites are easy to design and maintain.
  • Updating content from databases that you have created becomes easy unlike static pages where you will have to keep updating everywhere.
  • Efficient Content Management Systems – This helps you share information of your company.
  • Effectual E- commerce site – The dynamic website is more cost effective and provides with you the best option to sell your products online.
  • Maintaining a database for members – A better way to manage information about members and gives the option to users to easily log in.
  • They deliver information about your product and services can reach a wider audience

Artnutzz gives you the option of choosing a website that will be the most opt for your business that will serve the purpose and easy to handle.


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  • Domain Registration

  • Web Hosting

  • Web Design

  • Web Development

  • Website Re-Designing

  • Website Maintenance

  • Responsive Web Design

  • E-Commerce Solutions

  • Content Management System

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

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